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Square One Yoga Deep Studies Program
with Teacher Training Option

Deepen your practice in a body-positive environment studying the topics that interest you, with flexible, year-round scheduling.

The training is life-changing.  Here are the key elements: excellent teachers, passionate students, and a feeling of
inclusion and diversity throughout the studio.  
— Joanna Manqueros

the IMMersions

Square One's modular program is designed to work with your interests and schedule. Complete all four to become a registered yoga instructor. Immersions can also be taken as stand alone trainings.


Anatomy and Asana Immersion

Learn functional movement principles, build strength and dive deep into your physical practice.


Subtle Practices Immersion

Deepen your practice learning Yoga's subtler modalities such as restorative, pranayama and yin yoga.


The Philosophy of Yoga

Read, study and discuss the transformational core teachings of
yoga in a friendly, small group environment.


The Yoga Teacher's
Professional Program

Craft your skills and fill your classes. Become a
professional yoga teacher. 


No one in my class looked like the yoga teachers you might see in a magazine, but the training helped each of us to cultivate
our practice and identify the particular gifts each of us had to offer to the yoga community. 
— David Donovan

cost and registration


Fall 2019 Registration is closed. Accepting registrations now for Spring 2020.

Yang and Professional Program Modules: $925

Yin and Philosophy of Yoga Modules: $725

Complete 200-hr Program (all four modules): $3175

Modules may be taken in any order, provided that the Yoga Teachers Professional Program is taken last.

Flexible payment plans available.

To register or if you have questions, please email deepstudies@squareoneyoga.com.

The Square One Teacher Training is led by amazing teachers. They helped create a safe
and empowering place to explore and deepen my own practice, and equipped me
with the tools to help others do the same. 
— Ashley Corri

upcoming sessions

Spring Session 2020

Sessions are Saturdays and Sunday 9:30-6.

Yang Immersion February 8 - March 1

Yin Immersion March 14 - March 29

Philosophy of Yoga April 11 - April 25

Yoga Teachers Professional Program May 2 - May 24

Core Faculty


Katy Cryer offers her students a welcoming, inclusive approach to studying and practicing yoga. She believes that just as every body and every life experience is unique, so is every yoga practice and every path of wellness and healing. Katy invites her students to continually explore what is most useful and beneficial to them on the mat and beyond.


Lauren Banister's classes are full of laughter. She and her students explore not only the body, but also the deep, rich traditions of yogic philosophy. Lauren is a certified Yoga Therapist with over 1,800 hours of teaching experience. She specializes in slower, somatics-based practices that are taught with creative sequencing, rich philosophy and a sense of humor.


Jennifer Meek, E-RYT, is a Yoga Therapist and dance artist who continually finds herself fascinated and inspired by the transformative potential of movement and mindfulness. Her passion for health and well-being shine through her teachings as she inspires students to practice in an authentic and mindful way, understanding that health and yoga are not 'one size fits all'.


Mary Beth Ray, E-RYT500, began studying and practicing yoga in the early 1990s. Since 2006, her practice has drawn her deeply into the moving meditation and self-discovery of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and more recently into the stillness and inquiry of Yin yoga. MB shares the exploration of the many facets of yoga in an accessible manner to help you apply practical insights to your everyday life.


Stacey Swan believes that yoga has the capacity to empower, transform, and support the physical, emotional, and mental layers of the human experience in a way that brings us deeper compassion and understanding of our world and our place within it. Stacey encourages her students to practice in a focused and safe manner with instruction that is clear, warm, and light hearted. With twelve years teaching experience and over 800 hours of training she has studied Astanga, Vini-yoga, Anatomy, and Restorative.


Amy Bohorquez is biology faculty by day, yoga teacher by night. Amy enjoys combining her love of science and yoga to create a space of peaceful, supportive learning in the classroom and the studio. Finding ways to make yoga accessible to all people is her passion, hoping that everyone can share in the positive benefits of practice.


To register, please email deepstudies@squareoneyoga.com.

Wondering if Teacher Training is right for you?
Read our blog post: Eight Sure Signs it's Time for Teacher Training.

...definitely worth the investment!

Teacher training at Square One Yoga is definitely worth the investment! I made long-lasting friendships with my yoga teachers and my classmates. Every teacher is open, giving, and most of all, loving. It changed my 10 year yoga practice, especially through Kristyn’s “art of adjustments” and Jennie’s deep dive workshops on asanas. Katy prepares you by letting us teach among our peers as well as providing classes focused on the business aspect of yoga. I’m so grateful to have completed my teacher training in a supportive and accepting environment!
— Jen Su
It was an amazing experience, a beginning still unfolding.

There are many trainings available in the Bay Area, for a range of cost with a range of experiences. I will continue to take trainings but will forever be grateful for the foundation I was given. I know that my teaching is colored by the lens of my training, and am grateful it makes me a more patient, open, adaptable teacher.

It was an amazing experience, a beginning still unfolding.
— Hope Amico
What I loved about the teacher training at Square One was the community.

The training provided a safe, loving space for me to meet my own personal challenges and to grow my practice from where I was when I began. The training provided a balance between pushing our own boundaries and being gentle with ourselves. No one in my class looked like the yoga teachers you might see in a magazine, but the training helped each of us to cultivate our practice and identify the particular gifts each of us had to offer to the yoga community.
— David Donovan