New to Yoga?

Check out all our teachers, locations and classes. We’re an eclectic group, so if the first class isn’t your cup of tea, please be sure to keep coming until you find the class that works!


We Heart Beginners

While we don't currently have any Yoga Fundamentals classes on the schedule, it’s absolutely fine to drop in on any all levels class. It might be helpful to go with a Slow Mindful Flow class and to let your teacher know that you are new to yoga. You may feel a little lost at first, but remember that we all did at one point! View our yoga class schedule here.


If you can, try a Start with Square One: Yoga Basics for Beginners series. We have two scheduled and another in the works:

Registration includes a free month of unlimited yoga. Space is limited. Register early to reserve your spot. Register now.



  • Try to come on an empty stomach

  • Arrive to class at least 10 minutes early your first time

  • Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing

  • Let your teacher know you’re new

  • Let yourself be a little lost and just enjoy the ride…


Also, be sure to read our FAQS page!