What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free software that allows users to participate in meetings, calls, and classes in real time online. Download it here.

I'm having trouble downloading or using zoom. Where can I get help?

Zoom offers support here, and Katy created a helpful video that is specific to Square One classes If you need more help, email info@squareoneyoga.com.

Where do I find the virtual classes?

When you are on our scheduling website, make sure that you select the Temescal location.

How do I sign up?

Once you see the zoom schedule, sign up as you would for any other class. Please be aware that registration ends 30 minutes before the start of class.

I’m a member and UNION is asking me to make purchase when I go to sign up for a class.

Union will not allow members to sign up for classes that occur past their current month. Once your membership renews, you can sign up for classes again.

I didn't get the email with the login info.

Please check your spam folder, if it's still not there email info@squareoneyoga.com and we will get it to you.

I'm a member, and I'd like to use my guest pass. Can I still do that?

Yes, you still can, although it's a tad more complicated now. Your friend first needs an account in our system. She will need to follow this link and click "create an account" in the upper right hand corner. As soon as your guest has completed that step, send an email to info@squareoneyoga.com, and we will set up the guest pass in her account. Once that's done, your friend can register for any class.

My question wasn't answered here, or I need more technical help.

We are happy to walk you through the process of getting started on zoom or answer any other questions you have. We're even happy to hop on a call or do a screenshare to troubleshoot issues. Please email info@squareoneyoga.com, and someone will get back to you. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions