The Yogi's Guide to Gift Giving

Karma means action.

We are creating actions, or karma, all of the time. Even thoughts are actions. Every gift we give is seeped in karma: the thought, the intention, the procurement and, of course, the very act of giving. If we can infuse these actions with the intention of supporting the health and happiness of the person receiving the gift and living beings everywhere, we can turn the (sometimes dreaded) holiday tradition into a yogic practice.

Here's some ideas to turn the banal act of Standard American Gifting into positive actions that benefit all:

 🎁 Give experiences instead of objects. Research shows people prefer experiences, that they build social connections and strengthen relationships. They also tend to be super personal (which another pair of slippers will rarely be), and they tend to pollute much less than traditional gifts.

 🎁 Support small businesses. Not to get too political here, but while small businesses and workers have struggled over the last couple of years, profits of the biggest U.S. companies have grown more than 50 percent since 2019*. Amazon's profits have more than tripled!** Here's a heartfelt request from a small business: When gifting this year, please consider buying small and local! We still really need your support.

 🎁 Give gifts that make people happier and healthier. The bottle of scotch or box of candy are usually appreciated in the moment, but thinking of our future selves, how will your loved one feel in January? 


Of course, giving yoga ticks all the boxes! Here are some specific ideas from Square One:


 💚 Make a yoga date with a friend to a drop-in class and dinner at local restaurant. (Special: gift a class for $17)

 💚 Are you someone's secret santa? Have a cousin who loves yoga? How about a Square One gift card?

 💚 Make a donation to our scholarship fund in someone else's name. (This option supports the studio and the recipeint.)

 💚 Give your beloveds (or yourself) better mental health, sleep, cardiovascular functioning, immunity, and bone strength with a year of yoga at half price. (Check "gift options" at check out.)

 💚 And the ultra amazing yoga gift: take your bestie to Mexico on a yoga retreat! (Save 10% if you book together with promocode 2PEOPLETOGETHER)


We hope these ideas are helpful, and if your loved ones aren't yogis, please don't forget your other neighborhood establishments!