Square One Yoga is committed to keeping yoga accessible
to the entire community, regardless of ability to pay. 


We offer 60% scholarships to low-income students who wish to join as a members.

​Are you low income?

Do you earn less than the living wage, which for one adult is $24/hour or $50,000/year in Alameda County, or are you living paycheck to paycheck because of student, medical, or consumer debt? If so, AND you lack savings, investments, or familial support to fill the gaps, then you are low-income.

The above criteria are meant to serve as guidelines, but we understand that every situation is unique, and we trust you to determine if you need the scholarship. Please consider your situation carefully since rely on students paying full-price to stay in business. Please do so if at all possible.

Click below to purchase memberships with the scholarship applied:

Unlimited virtual membership

Unlimited in-person and virtual membership

All memberships renew automatically but can be canceled online anytime. 

If you need a full scholarship to practice, a limited number are available. Apply for our a scholarship here.

Square One Yoga covers 100% of the cost of partial scholarships, and we rely on community donations to provide full scholarships to those in need. The fund is currently low.