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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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comprehensive, inclusive yoga education

​Do you want to learn yoga in the broader context of its history and tradition? Have you wondered how to go beyond poses using breathwork and meditation? Do you want to teach safe, effective, and accessible yoga classes and craft skills to work knowledgeably with a wide range of bodies? Or maybe you are looking for an intensive program that is a catalyst for lasting change? Join us!

Get Started!

Join the Bay Area's foremost body-positive Yoga Teacher Training Program for a well-rounded,
non-dogmatic approach to teaching and studying yoga. 

Our Curriculum Includes:

Gross and Subtle Anatomy

Movement Principles for All Bodies

In-Depth Asana (Posture) Clinics

Pranayama (Breathwork)


Developing a Home Practice

The History of Yoga

The Yoga Sutra

The Bhagavad Gita

Bhakti Yoga (The Yoga of Devotion)

Yoga for Social Justice

Introduction to Sanskrit

Yoga Through the Lifespan

Prenatal Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Teaching Yoga Online

Emotionally Safe Yoga Spaces

Teaching Inclusive Classes

Class Sequencing

Cueing, Voice, and Demonstrations

Teaching Yoga to Beginners

The ​Business and Ethics of Teaching Yoga


One of the reasons I took this training is the fact that Square One makes the practice inclusive and available to all bodies through modifications and options.

-Ana Lucia, 2020

Flexible, Hybrid Format

Fits your life

Weekends + One Evening a Week (Holidays Off)



Hybrid format for more time at home



Use what you learn in your life as you learn it



Small group format fosters connection and community



Intensive program is a catalyst for lasting change

I wanted to express my gratitude for putting together such a well-rounded and beautiful training. It’s not only stayed in my heart and opened me up as a person - it has been a great example for the kind of space I hope to create as a meditation teacher.

-Brigitte Binder

Who is it for?
  • Students looking for a structured yoga education given by expert teachers
  • Practitioners who want to learn and practice a broad range of yogic techniques, including breathwork and meditation​
  • Students who are ready to begin a path of study that sets the foundation for skillful and informed teaching
  • Practitioners who feel that learning to teach will deepen their own practice
  • Yogis who want to learn the nuts and bolts of being a professional yoga teacher 
  • Prospective teachers who value a thorough and rigorous professional education
  • Anyone who loves what yoga does for them and is curious to know the how and why of it

After going through this program, I feel like yoga has permanently become a big part of my life, and I'm grateful that I can live this way.

-Mina Choe

During the program, you will:

  • Study at a body-positive, trauma-informed, and socially aware studio that is respectful of the culture that brought us this practice

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your entire, interconnected self

  • Learn movement principles and  how to tailor then for your unique body

  • Strengthen your asana practice with intelligence and care

  • Learn why is yoga so effective at improving physical and emotional well-being

  • Practice subtler techniques to take you beyond the poses

  • Study and discuss the philosophical underpinnings of yoga 

  • Be challenged in a way that fosters growth and insight​

I feel infinitely grateful for having done my yoga teacher training with Square One! It is led by amazing teachers who are down-to-earth with such a passion for sharing the transformative gift of yoga. They helped create a safe and empowering place to explore and deepen my own practice and equipped me with the tools to help others do the same. 

-Ashley Benetorri
If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.
- Yogi Bhajan
  • Learn to offer yoga in a way that is welcoming to a wide range of bodies

  • Practice teaching in a collaborative, friendly environment

  • Become familiar with creating emotionally and physically safe spaces for yoga 

  • Learn the ins and outs of teaching both in-person and online classes

  • Develop the skills and mindset to build a sustainable teaching career

All of our lovely teachers gave us so many tools to become well rounded teachers by the end of training. I would encourage those who have open minds and hearts about their practice to join the Square One Yoga Teacher Training. You won't regret it!

-Ashley Brown

Tuition Options

Pay in Full

Tuition: $2600


Payment Plan

Tuition: $2700



1 Year of Unlimited Livestream Classes* 

1 Year of Access to Our Extensive Video Library

Comprensive Curriculum

Expert Instruction

Small Class Size

1-on-1 Support Throughout Program

*$350 add-on for unlimited in-person classes


I worried that my chronic health issues would interfere with my progress in training and that it would drain me. But it did exactly the opposite. The training nourished me a in a way I never thought possible. I came out of the training in awe of what my body could do and loving myself more than ever.

- Josephine K.

Even seeing the curriculum ahead of time, knowing the range of topics and teachers didn’t prepare me for the variety and depth of study subjects. Talking with other friends who took trainings, I felt grateful for the thoughtful and thorough curriculum I was a part of.

- Hope Amico

Throughout the program, I noticed that I just started to feel happier and more centered as a result of doing yoga/thinking about yoga for two days straight. This helped provide me with the mental clarity I needed to refocus my job search. By the end of the program I got a promotion within the company that I'm working at!

- Tiffany Leung

The program will give you all the necessary tools to get into that headstand *and* find your own path to a fuller and more wholesome self. Thank you Square One!

- Darlene Cruz

Even though you can read and practice all of the yoga before Teacher Training there is something safe and familiar with the Teacher Training at Square One. All of my colleagues and I felt our ideas and beliefs  were validated. We found our space to become the women we have been wanting to be.

- Ashley Brown

The YTT at Square One was the highlight of my week. Every weekend was another chance to be with beautiful people, deepen my practice and get answers to long time questions. I didn’t want it to end. Worth every penny!

- Rebecca Reedy

Core Faculty

katy headshot

Katy Cryer

Katy is the founder of Square One Yoga and the director of the Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is also the author of Yoga for Addiction: Using Yoga and the Twelve Steps to Find Peace in the Present Moment. Katy’s founding mission for Square One Yoga is the same mission for her teaching: to share yoga in a way that is accessible for every body. Katy has studied from a wide range of teachers and styles from the very traditional to the very modern. She credits Judith Lasater and Jason Crandell as the most influential to her practice and teaching.


Gillian Hull

Gillian (ERYT 200, RYT 500, C-IAYT) credits the deep, internal practice of yoga with supporting her during a long illness and recovery, teaching her patience, determination, and compassion. She finds joy in offering multidimensional classes that give students many ways to explore self and connection, weaving yoga philosophy, breath, mudra, and mantra into the structure provided by the physical practice. Ultimately, she hopes students will use the time on the mat to honor their own experiences and learn more about themselves.


Mary Beth Ray

Mary Beth Ray, E-RYT500, began studying and practicing yoga in the early 1990s. Since 2006, her practice has drawn her deeply into the moving meditation and self-discovery of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and more recently into the stillness and inquiry of Yin yoga. MB is certified as a Yoga for Osteoporosis teacher by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD. In addition, she is a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists, a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant, and a Functional Medicine and National Board-Certified Health & Wellness coach.


Broderick Rodell

Broderick Rodell, PhD ND E-RYT is an educator whose passion is to aid others in the art of practicing a life well-lived. Broderick employs a holistic approach to yoga that embraces a broad spectrum of traditions from past to present. Capoeira, a Brazilian dance/martial art, is also one of his teaching instruments. Broderick received his yoga teacher training under the guidance of master Yogi Baba Hari Dass, the founder of Mt. Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains. He also has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.

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Square One Teacher Certification qualifies graduates for registration with Yoga Alliance. 

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