Square One Yoga 200-hour Yoga
Teacher Training Program

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For many of us, the desire to continue learning about yoga and deepening our practice is strong. We see how we are happier, stronger, and more resilient as the direct result of our practice. Many of us even go so far as to say yoga saved our lives. We practice, and the results are obvious, but we still have questions that aren’t answered in our regular yoga classes.

Questions like: 

  • Why is yoga so effective at improving physical and emotional well-being? 

  • What can I do to deepen my practice beyond yoga poses and studio classes? 

  • What is the history of yoga? 

  • What are the philosophical underpinnings? 

  • How do I practice safely and effectively? 

  • What do I need to understand about movement and anatomy so that I can develop a deeper understanding of my body? 

  • If I want to teach yoga, what are the best practices and how do I get started? 

  • If I share this practice with others, how do I best create an inclusive, trauma-informed, and body-positive experience for my students?

If you have wondered these things or you find the questions compelling, then yoga teacher training is your next logical step.

What makes Square One’s program different?

Square One is committed to making yoga as accessible as possible to a broad range of students. 

Accessibility has a lot to do with how we teach poses, of course. But we take accessibility to a deeper and more subtle level: how are the teachings inviting, not just to a wide range of bodies, but to a wide range of human beings with all our complexities, psyches, and emotional constitutions? In other words, yes, let’s teach poses in a way that invites people with all manner of physical abilities to practice, and let’s also make sure that the way we teach and the way we create spaces for yoga are inviting for people emotionally as well.  

We understand that accessibility means safety. If we do not feel emotionally and physically safe in a space, it is actually not accessible to us. Our job as a yoga school is to create an environment that is accessible because it is a safe place for students to bring their entire selves. That means our classes and our programs strive to be body positive, trauma-informed, socially aware, and respectful of the culture that brought us this practice.

Square One Yoga acknowledges that people of color are under-represented in yoga communities, particularly yoga studios. In order to encourage diversity in yoga spaces, we offer one full scholarship to a student of color who plans to teach yoga professionally. Please email katy@squareoneyoga.com for application details.


Square One’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

Who is on the faculty of the training?