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Yoga at Work

Business Partnership Program Promoting health and renewed energy in the workplace.


Square One Yoga is pleased to partner with several East Bay businesses to offer affordable, high quality yoga instruction at discounted rates to employees.


There are two ways to get involved. Some businesses prefer to have an instructor come to the office and give classes to employees on site. No looking for parking, no stress about traffic, no need to go further than the conference room. We will send one of our experienced, certified yoga instructors right to your office.


We also offer 36 classes a week in a schedule that is designed to accommodate people who work typical business hours. So, if you prefer, send your employees to our bright, airy and community-minded yoga studio. We discount our monthly unlimited memberships to businesses that buy them in bulk for employees, typically to $60 a month per employee if at least five people participate. Many employers simply offer the discount we provide as an employee benefit. No additional investment on the part of the company is required!


Other employers believe strongly that yoga increases productivity and contentment in the workplace and is an investment worth making. They absorb a portion or all of the cost. For instance, one local employer subsidizes yoga memberships for her employees 50%. Employees pay $30 a month for unlimited classes and the employer pays the other $30. That’s almost 75% off the usual cost of unlimited yoga. Other companies take on the whole cost and, for a relatively small investment, are able to offers all employees free, unlimited access to a local yoga studio. Employers get healthy, energized and relaxed workers. Workers get to be healthy, energized and relaxed. Everyone’s happy…


For more information, please email or

call 510-502-9173.

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