8 Sure Signs It’s Time to Do Yoga Teacher Training (or a Yoga Immersion or Retreat):

1. Something is happening to you, and you’re not sure what. You’re changing; sometimes it seems from head to toe. You float out of yoga class and the yoga high dissipates, but what sticks is that you are less reactive, happier, stronger, and feeling good all over. You are so curious. What exactly is happening to you? What’s behind that Sanskrit and silence and sweating that is so darn powerful?


2. You go to class all the time. You’re curious so you keep showing up and hanging onto every word your teacher says. You love class, but the tidbits you get leave you with more questions. How do your hamstrings connect to your happiness? Why savasana anyway? What does Om mean and who is Hanuman?


3. You wish your classes were longer. What you really might be looking for is continuity of curriculum, something you can’t get in drop-in classes. You need to learn yoga the way you learned content in college: methodically in a logical sequence, with experienced teachers who live and breathe the stuff.


4. You’re starting to practice at home. Your practice has become so important to you that you make time and space for it in your life, even when you can’t make it to class. You might not do this as much as you think you should, but a little bit goes a long way and shows a deep desire to take your practice to a new level.


5. Things in your life that used to seem super important are becoming less interesting to you. Friday night happy hour has lost its luster. You’d rather start your weekend with a strong Flow class and wind down with a good book after. Your desire to acquire more things and earn more money is softening. You may still want those things, but not quite as much as you used to. Going on a hike sounds better than putting in extra hours at work. Your practice is more appealing than more shoes in your closet.


6. You may have already felt a change because of your practice, or you may be looking for a change and you sense that yoga offers the kind of change you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re unsure about your profession, your relationship, or you just have a sense that it’s time for a shift. Maybe you’ve been struggling for awhile. We will not ever promise that yoga or a training will solve your problems. Just going to a training probably won’t. The one thing we can promise is that if you show up wholeheartedly and with an open mind, you will know yourself better as a result of the work. And nothing is more transformational than self-knowledge.


7. You’re longing to engage in a community of people who share your interests. Maybe small talk is not your thing or bridging the gap to more meaningful relationships doesn’t happen as easily as it once did. In yoga teacher training, you will spend 200 hours with other yogis learning, growing, practicing, making mistakes and doing lots of laughing. A community will develop among your cohort. One of the best things about Square One’s trainings is that we intentionally keep them small so that you really get to know each other and your teachers.


8. You want to share the benefits of yoga with others. If this is true for you, then regardless of how you feel about 1-7, you need to do a teacher training. There’s a lot to know about teaching groups safely and effectively, and we cover as much as we possibly can squeeze into the Yoga Teachers Professional Program. We strive to train teachers we want to hire: compassionate, informed individuals who teach excellent classes that are accessible for every body.


If any of this is true for you, please join us! We have all been where you are. We have four different yoga immersions that are offered throughout the year to accommodate anyone’s schedule. All four immersions together constitute a full 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and you can take them slowly over time or all at once. If you want, just take one or two that interest you. We want to make our programs as accessible as possible and will work out a payment plan that works for most budgets. Talk to us!


For more information about our Deep Studies Program, Teacher Trainings or Retreats, please email deepstudies@squareoneyoga.com or visit squareoneyoga.com/teacher-training.

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