New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year, Square One!

I'm getting a lot of "New Year, New You" emails pouring into my inbox. The only part of that phrase I really relate to is New Year. No doubt about it: it's 2018. But I woke up on Monday feeling as I always do. Imperfect but trying, hoping to enjoy the day and not let my Negative Nilly mind take over too much.

So no "new me." Change for me has almost always been gradual. Over time (like decades), I can look back and see that I am healthier and I take better care of myself than I ever have. But change for me has never corresponded with January 1 or resolutions of any kind. I don't have the personality for it.

But there is one period of my life when I did experience fast and profound change. Within a year of starting to practice yoga regularly, I quit drinking and smoking, and I started caring for my body and my heart in a radical new way. Oh, to be a beginner again!

Please ease into the New Year with us. We have lots of workshops and trainings coming up, as well as our Mexico Adventure in February. (Follow that link to save $50.) So if you'd like a nudge (big or small) in the right direction, please read on and join us.

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In other news, dearest monthly members, you may now join us for a second class of the day for $12.

Thank you so much for supporting us and community yoga in 2017. Here's to another!