The benefits of studying yoga with a cohort


A note from Dennis Chowenhill…

I entered the Square One Yoga Teacher Training program with the primary intention of deepening my yoga practice. I had begun studying yoga decades earlier, developing a personal program of asana, breath, and yoga philosophy. My practice had deepened my appreciation of the power of each of these components of yoga, but I was feeling that my practice lacked cohesion, and I had a host of questions regarding every aspect of yoga practice, from principles of asana alignments to the relationship of meditation to the other features of yoga.

I was immediately attracted to the YTT curriculum, because of its broad range of yoga perspectives, including contemporary anatomy and physiology as well as traditional yoga perspectives regarding the body. The treatment of yoga principles and philosophy was also inspiring for its breadth, including not only the classic yoga texts, but explorations through practice of kundalini, kriya, and ashtanga yoga.  

I discovered the primary advantage of the Square One YTT program, however, only after I had begun the training. It immediately became clear that teachers and students would explore their yoga experiences together by blending instructional presentations with discussions, shared histories, and on-the-mat explorations of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Though the instructors all brought impressive authority from their own studies and practices, they encouraged us students to become appreciative of the wisdom of our own bodies and psyches. As a result of this instructional approach, we students quickly developed a strong rapport among ourselves, generating supportive study groups, as well as sharing our own materials and experiences related to the training.

I came away from the YTT with my goals met, and a good deal more. I found excellent responses to my initial questions, and was provided with even more useful questions, with methods for pursuing them productively.

Lots of Love,
Dennis Chowenhill, Ed.D., RYT200
Square One YTT grad and yoga teacher